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ESC Sieben Linden – Call for volunteers 2024

Het Duitse ecodorp Sieben Linden zoekt vrijwilligers voor 2024. Je kunt je als jongere (18-30) aanmelden via het European Solidarity Corps om er een aantal maanden volledig vergoed te verblijven. Hieronder lees je meer informatie.


Basic Facts
Where? Ecovillage “Sieben Linden”, North-Eastern Germany
What? Placement: Organic vegetable garden (3 free spaces)
When? 1st of March – 31st of october 2024 (8 months)
also possible for 12 months

About the Ecovillage “Sieben Linden”
Sieben Linden Ecovillage is located in the North-East of Germany (approx. between Berlin and Hamburg) and is easily accessible by train and bus. The closest little towns are approx. 10km away.

Sieben Linden strives to be an ecologically and social model settlement. Our intentional community was established in 1997 and now we are more than a hundred adults and forty children. We aim at implementing a collaborative and holistic sustainable lifestyle that connects a small ecological footprint with
a high quality of life.

The vision of Sieben Linden is a sustainable way of life where the social, ecological, economical and cultural aspects are intertwined into a holistic approach that offers space for diversity, creativity and the different needs of people.